Essay on realistic space combat

In order to be convincing a decoy would have to have the same mass as your ships, in which case you really might as well make them actual ships.

As much logistical burden as possible will be shifted from the ship to base. Our warship will ideally want both high delta V and high acceleration, since both are advantageous. And this is all with current off-the-shelf technology; the shipping-monitoring equipment of a militarized spacefaring society, purpose-built with more advanced technology, is likely to be better.

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Every effort will be made to eliminate extraneous mass and make the ship as light as possible. Like WWII bombers, combat spacecraft will also become lighter and hence faster after releasing their munitions. And it gets worse when you consider the sort of engines a mature spacefaring society that wants to get around its solar system in less than many months is likely to use — those are likely to be visible from the next solar system, literally!

Falcons, furthermore, are not accustomed to prey which fight back. Whichever one is more desirable will probably depend on the mission profile of the space fleet. Unfortunately, after dealing a killing blow to the fantasy of sci-fi space battles, the essay targets smugglers and traders, who would likely have no place in a warfaring space civilization.

World literature reflection essay. Particle beams have better penetration but much shorter rangeso lasers will probably be the weapon of choice for point defense. While i do agree that the idea of spraying bullets at something is generally good, chemically propelled bullets become utterly useless in space, where everything is so fast and so far away from each other.

For those who are interested, somebody else has already tackled the question on Strange Horizonsbut I believe that essay is flawed in several ways, most notably the conclusion that stealth will be important in space warfare.

Second, missile range decreases against a faster ship. The FTL alone is the cat in the bag and what it may bring to the table is not clear at all. Essay on realistic space combat 4 stars based on reviews moovsports.

Neutron Canon

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The essay predicts they'll be used as defense systems against highly destructive nuclear and kinetic missiles, much like the failed real Star Wars, or SDI: You can take look a the game "Children of a Dead Earth" which tries to simulate combat in space.

Basically anybody willing to fly his ship into a planet can singlehandedly kill tens of millions of people. This is a multi purpose craft which is used for boarding, providing cover fire for ground troops during planetary battles.

There's no other hard sci-fi realistic space combat simulator like Children of a Dead Earth

This means that, unlike in many pop SF depictions, warship crews will probably be quite small. A non explosive medium of some sort is vaporized into plasma by electrodes which expands and accelerates the projectile from the weapon.There are a lot of components to realistic space combat, engagement distance, space fighters, stealth, recoil, and more.

– kingledion Mar 12 '17 at 3 I was researching a possible duplicate; however, seeing as how your single question encompasses so many different other good questions, I have to conclude that it is too broad. I had a discussion recently with friends about the various depictions of space combat in science fiction movies, TV shows, and books.

We have the. An essay on realistic space battles points out that much of popular science fiction bases its space battles on naval battles. Big ships keep their distance, exchanging volleys of fire, while planes buzz around in the sky dogfighting and carrying out bombing runs on the enemy carriers and battleships.

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May 21,  · A blast from the past, but I’ve been in a hard sci-fi media phase while currently binging The Expanse, and this game comes the closest to representing the kind of space combat seen in the show.

Essay on realistic space combat
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