Childhood autism spectrum disorders essay

Parents are encouraged to visit pediatricians or early childhood health care physicians for checkups.

ICD-10 Criteria for

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. The results indicated that the primary reason for the increase in ASD cases was due to late diagnosis of children whose condition was previously not recognized Blumberg et.

In other cases, additional blood and auditory tests will be conducted because ASD has the chance of occurring alongside other learning disorders. Additionally, studies were planned to investigate whether there were harmful effects in children exposed to the amount of mercury in vaccines.

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These include genetic factors, environmental factors such as parents have a child at an older age, pregnancy or birth complications, and pregnancies spaced less than one year apartand differences in brain biology and structure.

Thimerosal had never been used in MMR, as antimicrobial agents are not used in live vaccines. When an engaging, babbling toddler suddenly becomes silent, withdrawn, self-abusive, or indifferent to social overtures, something is wrong. One such target is the number of vaccines given to children.

The evaluation includes determining the cognitive abilities, language proficiency, and age-appropriate skills for normal daily functioning.

Qualitative abnormalities in communication as manifest in at least one of the following areas: Autism may exist with or without accompanying intellectual and language impairments.

However, no evidence of an association between increased exposure to vaccines and autism has appeared. There is absolutely no credible, scientific evidence that links autism to childhood vaccines. Guardians are also urged to take their children for screening at an earlier stage if any of the risk factors are mentioned.

Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital studied a group of 11 children and introduced the label early infantile autism into the English language. At the same time a German scientist, Dr. Boy with measles Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism rates in developing countries have risen remarkably in the past 20 years.

What is Autism?

For instance, Wong enrolls his son in a mental school although he should be enrolled in an institution for children with special needs Autism Speaks.

People with severe forms of autism may have a difficult time with everyday activities that significantly limit the kinds of things they do as an adult.

What is Autism?

The less severe and the sooner the child received treatment, the more likely it is that they will have a significantly good ability to live with and manage their condition throughout their life. Autism Symptoms Autism spectrum disorders ASD can often be reliably detected by the age of 3 years, and in some cases as early as 18 months.

The appearance of any of the warning signs of ASD is reason to have a child evaluated by a professional specializing in these disorders. However, even though some symptoms such as repetitive behaviors, limited interests, language difficulties, or social dysadaptation can intervene in normal social interactions, they do not necessarily prevent an autistic person from living a normal life, especially with the help of other people.

Essay on Autism Spectrum Disorder

There is no specific cause of these disorders, apart from existing theories that are used to draw scientific hypotheses. The Thimerosal Hypothesis MMR is not the only vaccine or vaccine component that has been targeted for scrutiny by those who suspect vaccination might be related to autism.

Qualitative abnormalities in communication as manifest in at least one of the following areas: Preoccupations with part-objects of non-functional elements of play materials such as their oder, the feel of their surface, or the noise or vibration they generate.

Symptoms of autism-related disorders are well known: Food and Drug Administration FDA in requested that drug companies report on amounts of mercury in their products. Restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities are manifested in at least one of the following: After examining the records for all twelve children, Deer noted that the statements made in the paper did not match numbers from the records in any category: The third kind of genetic association involves the connection with specific conditions of recognized genetic composition Yuen et.

Research from suggests autism now affects every 1 in children. For example, Fudenberg, in a small pilot study published in a non-mainstream journal, posited this relationship[8], as did Gupta in a review of possible treatments for autism.According to the recent (in ) update to the DSM-5 diagnostic manual, all diagnoses related to autism, such as autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, or pervasive developmental disorder, were united under the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (Autism Speaks).

Early detection for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is fundamental for developing a treatment option, because some of the most common signs of autism are observed throughout childhood, an assessment when there is a believe that a child might be affected by this disorder will help to approach and detect it with more efficiency.

Essay Autism Spectrum Disorders - Autism is a form of neurodevelopment disorder in the autism spectrum disorders.

Essay on Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is characterized by impaired development in social interactions and communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Pervasive developmental disorder that is not specific, autism and asperger syndrome are commonly referred to as autism spectrum disorders.

The others are rare and they may be placed in the spectrum of autism in some cases. Essay on Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders All around the world, there are many children and Rett’s syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder are among the list of related disorders, but are not included in this spectrum.

Classical autism is one of the five types of autism spectrum disorders in which all are developmental brain disorders. The development disability challenges children to have social, communication and language problems and a limited range of activities and interests.

Childhood autism spectrum disorders essay
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