An essay against living in levittown

A combination of unusually high birth rates which bred the baby boomer generation and plummeting construction left many families struggling to find any suitable shelters, sometimes living in boxcars, chicken coops and large ice boxes. Though the government attempted to address the severe housing shortage by launching some public housing programs, those programs were viciously vilified by right-wing politicians as a form of socialism.

Nothing could be further from the truth. How was segregation still such a real, persevering and violent part of communities long after residential segregation laws had been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in ?

It is at that level that the housing programs of the s made their greatest achievement. George Merritt, a U. The story is familiar and understandably nostalgic: The Federal Housing Administration was guaranteeing loans from bankers to builders, and Long Island farmland was going cheap.

The system also enforced the perception that the entry of racial minorities into a community resulted in a drop in property values. Income and style of living supplanted occupation and economic status as the parameters defining the major social classes.

Levittowns of the Future

Another important suburban community was Lakewood, located near Long Beach in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The houses, however could be expanded, which many households did. It is a quaint community with small houses and friendly neighbors.

Abraham Levitt, a real estate lawyer, had founded the company in and appointed his son William as president, and son Alfred as vice president, chief architect and planner.

Its seemingly magical creation—just a few years earlier, there were potato plants where those carports now stood—perfectly captured the pace of a hurry-it-up decade.

Alfred, the quieter of the two sons, experimented with progressive ways of designing and constructing homes while his brother Bill marketed and sold them with vigor. Levitt plastered the newspapers with advertisements designed to attract one and all, especially young war veterans. They were no longer subordinate to the core cities, the legacy cites of the pre-war era.

Suburbanization, through entrepreneurship and liberal planning accomplished this, and created the Great American Middle Class after the Second World War. From that central starting point, the members of the household create their own city from the multitude of destinations that are within suitable driving distance.

Things began to change, especially in California and Oregon in the s. It was by far the worst economic reversal since the s.

The advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city

Levittown itself arguably embodied the best and worst of the postwar American story; it was a result of the entrepreneurship and ingenuity that has come to define the American spirit, but it also participated in the violent prejudice that has also been part of American history.

However, despite such important early developments, most of the new suburban housing around the nation was built by smaller home builders in the decades to come. For example, in Portland more than 95 percent of that growth between and was in suburbs and exurbs.

An essay against living in levittown

It came on the eve of the baby boom and just before the Housing Bill liberalized lending, allowing anyone to buy a home with 5 percent down and extending mortgage terms to 30 years. There are a few pizza places, a small thai restaurant and several fast food restaurants, but the town lacks great restaurants.

Conclusion The suburbs have clearly come to symbolize more than just collections of white picket-fenced houses outside a city. This article was written by Joshua Ruff and originally published in the December issue of American History Magazine.In some ways, Levittown resembled the ethnic composition of the military during World War II: Jews, Italians, Irish and Poles living side-by-side.

Levittown, PA Livability

But also like most of the military, African Americans were unable to enter this melting pot. Below is an essay on "Advantages of Living Alone" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Advantages and disadvantages of living alone It is a popular saying that man is a social animal/5(1).

The story of Levittown the tale of two families and one tycoon tells far more than of the civil rights as well. It tells of suburban life, and the details of these planned communities.

It tells of suburban life, and the details of these planned communities.

Dec 28,  · There were protests and a leaflet against ''Jim Crowism,'' Mrs. Cassano said. ''Some people moved in very unaware of the Caucasian clause and were disturbed when they found out,'' she said.

In the second Levittown, near Philadelphia, angry white mobs threw rocks in to protest the prospect of blacks moving in. Regarding the s controversies over discrimination that the author mentions, my impression is that it was more of an issue in Levittown, PA, than in first Levittown on Long Island.

The author’s mention of the role of anti-communism as justification for discrimination is interesting, though I would suppose it played a lesser role in Levitt’s.

Discover what it's like living in Levittown, PA with the AreaVibes Livability Score. Find out where to live in and near Levittown, PA/5(1).

An essay against living in levittown
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